Egg Week

As part of our Sex Education unit of work last week was Egg Week in class 6! Everyone had to care for a hardboiled egg for 5 days with the aim to provide us with some insight into the responsibility and commitment required when parents decide to have children.

We made suitable homes for our Eggs to stop them getting cracked and were not allowed to let the Egg out of our sight. Children arranged for their Egg to be ‘Egg Sat’ if they were required to take part in other activities or if they wanted to play football at break time.

Well done to the winners who managed to care for their Eggs for a whole 5 days.


Future Champion!

Mrs Lacey was incredibly proud to receive a letter from the manager of the South West Regional Ski Team explaining the Ellie has been selected to represent the South West at the forthcoming Team Slalom Championships in Gloucester. This is based on her recent racing successes and her national seeding.

Well done Ellie and the best of luck to you and  your team on the day! IMG_1291.JPG

Memory Cafe

Ipplepen Hub run a memory cafe once a month for elderly people from the local area and surrounding villages. This week a group of gifted year 6 pupils prepared a show for the people at the cafe.

There were poems, piano and violin recitles and informative talks about Holland, sewing and swimming.

The children were superb and the visit was much appreciated.  Emily’s toys were particularly admired and when she mentioned her Grandma had taught her some sewing techniques there were many smiles round the room!

The children were treated to delicious refreshments afterwards!


Road Safety

Our Community Police Officers visited the school on Friday. They spent sometime with Yr5 and Yr6 to discuss being safe out and about when we are near roads. They launched a competition to design a new road safety poster and then Year 6 had the chance to be involved in some real policing!

After having a good look round a patrol car and being shown all the equipment that’s on board we the split into two groups. One group positioned themselves with a speed gun to check the speed of cars travelling through Ipplepen.

Children recorded all the speeds and anyone travelling over 20 mph was radioed through for the next group to pull over! The children had planned their own questions to ask the drivers in order for the message of how dangerous speeding is to have maximum impact on drivers.