Class 6 Assembly : Beauty and the Beholder – Never Judge a Book by it’s Cover. 

Year 6 performed a class assembly based upon the theme of the film Shrek, about not judging by appearance. This was performed to the whole school, class parents, grandparents and special guests. With great singing, dancing and acting it was a huge hit! 


Watch this space!

img_0095Every class has been involved in decorating beautiful tiles to build a whole school mural in the school grounds. Year 6 were tasked with the lettering and intricate school logo.

When the mural is complete I’m sure the children will have fond memories when they see their work on display for years to come.

French New Year

Mr and Mrs Bevan kindly made a Galette du Roi – the cake that the French make to celebrate Epiphany. In the same way we may find a sixpence in our Christmas Pudding, the Galette has a silver ball of foil inside. Who ever finds this treasure wears the crown and becomes King! The whole class has to show kindness to the King!

We enjoy French each week with Mr Bevan.

Mars Buggies

As part of our Mars Explorers topic we built Mars Buggies and raced them in the hall. The buggies had battery powered motors and the children experienced trying to make circuits and building different types of motors. The buggies worked on either friction, pulley or gear mechanisms. Every one designed their own body work for the buggies, to include many special features that would be needed on a Mars  Buggy; e.g. equipment for collecting samples from the surface of Mars. We had great fun and excitement testing which buggies were fastest on a variety of surfaces.